A login-only customer portal, providing project tracking, digital asset file upload and invoicing functions, built in co-operation with an external web design agency.

About the Project

Precision Record Pressing (PRP) is a leading vinyl record manufacturing plant based near Toronto in Canada. They were an existing client of ours through the QMI project when the idea was raised to expand the corporate website to include a customer login area. The concept of the PRP Portal was developed, which is fully integrated with PRP's QMI internal system.

CWC was responsible for the back-end systems on this project, as well as the structure and logic of the front-end application. The HTML and CSS design work was carried out by the web design agency Leeroy, based in Montréal, and integrated by us into the final product. As PRP had worked with Leeroy on their corporate website, the design language was effectively carried through to the Portal to retain a consistent customer experience.

Solid infrastructure to support the artistic process

The site is developed using our standard platform of Microsoft ASP.net and SQL Server, with Typescript / Knockout.js on the front-end. We worked with PRP's internal IT to design an infrastructure to securely and performantly handle the frequent upload of large digital assets such as high-resolution jacket proofs and digital audio files (often several gigabytes in size) through the site reliably, replacing a disparate WeTransfer-based solution previously employed.

The Portal is fully integrated with Precision's internal QMI system through a comprehensive synchronisation topology that keeps the Portal up to date with internal project developments in close to real-time. A configuration form, customised to the specific project, ensures just the right information is gathered from the customer to enable automation with Precision's processes and avoid costly manual interventions.

The Portal is also integrated with the DocuSign system for secure legal form collection, and also offers a public-facing Download Card download system for end-consumers to download digital copies of their records using coupon codes included in the package.