A complete suite of logistics business management software, including internal applications, integration platform, and customer-facing API.

About the Project

Based in New Jersey, USA, OrangeDS is a one-stop solutions provider for shipping eCommerce packages both domestically in the US, and internationally. Through it’s vast array of global partners, strategically located distribution facilities, and customized solutions, OrangeDS is a fast-moving, high-growth business.

Through connections via other clients with the founding partners of OrangeDS, CWC was invited to build a system from the ground up to suit the constantly adapting needs of the business. Existing “off-the-shelf” software solutions were evaluated, but none offered the adaptability OrangeDS needed, and so the decision was taken to build a bespoke software system as a core unique selling point for the business.

We have used a combination of our modular basis system, bespoke developments and extensive integrations with 3rd parties to build a platform on which OrangeDS has grown from a standing start to a driving force in the eCommerce logistics industry. Our software is currently handling hundreds of thousands of packages per week, as part of a 24/7 operation.

A modular approach to success

The initial project consisted of a Windows Forms based “Hub” application written in Microsoft C# on a SQL Server basis, which drives the distribution facility workflows. A desktop application was chosen due to the need to integrate with machinery on the ground – label printers, weighing scales, barcoding equipment and packaging machinery. Alongside this sits our standard ETL framework for integrating data flows into and out from the business for parcel pre-advice, carrier manifesting and package tracking, mostly via FTP. The whole solution sits on a redundant cloud-based infrastructure.

As part of the project we built a modular carrier integration framework, with a defined and well documented interface, to enable new carriers to be integrated, on average, in less than 1 week from end-to-end. This modular structure has enabled OrangeDS to offer customized and cost-effective solutions to customers, using local partners, that simply wouldn’t have been possible using conventional software solutions.

“I often joke with James and his team over their unwavering ability to give me honest and understandable feedback on our IT requirements – to “call a spade a spade”, as it were – but in truth their contribution has been vital in getting OrangeDS to where it is today. Our ability to react quicker than our competitors, and at the same time offering a dependable and flexible IT platform, has been one of our key selling points.”

Opening up the network

As time progressed, more OrangeDS customers were looking to integrate closely with the company, for example, to generate labels and track packages through their own systems. To enable this, we developed the OrangeDS API. This customer-facing solution, built using Microsoft, runs on the same core platform as the rest of the MailMan suite of products, and is used to induct thousands of packages a day in a 24/7 global operation. Management tools have been built to enable OrangeDS Customer Support staff to provision and support new and existing customers without any I.T. involvement.

We have continued to build on the API basis over time, and are currently working on expanding our integrations with leading shipping software providers such as Shippo and Desktop Shipper, which open up a new set of potential customers to OrangeDS. At the same time, we are also working on other internal projects, including improved invoice reporting, revenue protection and delivery performance reporting. In 2022, we are planning to further expand the MailMan portfolio with OrangeTrac – a customer portal to give OrangeDS clients a “single pane of glass” view of their account and shipping activities.

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    Ongoing, started in 2015

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